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Pete Beatty
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MILCO Wire EDM said...

Steven R. Miller
Milco Wire EDM Inc.
dba Milco Waterjet
15221 Connector Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
phone 714-373-0098
fax 714-313-1718
company e-mail
company e-mail
web site
web site
Milco Wire EDM/Waterjet is a job shop specializing in all aspects of the manufacturing industry regarding EDM, Wire EDM, EDM Small Hole Drilling, CNC Sinker EDM, Abrasive Waterjet Cutting.

Tom Watson said...

Tom Watson, Marketing Consultant
Thomas Watson Consulting

"Marketing solutions for this dynamic business environment."

* Marketing strategy development
* Campaign development and management
* Project management
* Electronic marketing
* Traditional media marketing
* Marketing automation consulting
Camarillo, CA
805 443-0643

Bob Kouk said...

Bob Kouk
Omnimetics Precision Machining

"Houston, Texas based job shop specializing in metal and plastic precision machining."

1) Manual/CNC Mills and Lathes
2) Contract Manufacturing
3) Steel,Al,Inconel,Titanium,etc.
4) PEEK, PTFE, UHMW, Torlon, etc.
5) Provide coatings, anodizing, heat treat through partners.

Please contact us with your machining needs or inquiries.

13389 Murphy Road
Stafford, Texas 77477
Phone: 281-499-6528
Fax: 281-499-6520

Classon Industrial Services said...

!!! FREE Belt buckle !!!

Georgia, Alabama,or Florida.

Classon Industrial Services, LLC.
354 Burson Road
Camilla, GA. 31730

Office: (229)336-0900
Fax: (229)336-0903
*Visit our website at*

Classon Industrial Services said...

Small Town Welding Shop now employ's Robotics.
This new industrial equipment fabrication and welding shop is equipped with computer controlled robotic machinery.Todd Classon owner of CIS, indicated that his investment in these (state of the art) machines was a necessary step in order to be competitive with foreign suppliers. These new machines have greatly improved
production efficiency and CIS's ability to produce new products. This is how we do it!

Water Jet,** TILE IMAGE ART **, cutting

Tim Ruffner - SalesTok said...

Specializing in:
*DMLS – Direct Metal Laser Sintering
*3D Printing
*RTV Casting and Urethane Molds
*Laser Scanning
*Short Run 1-1000 and Prototype

Tim Ruffner
Account Executive
GPI Prototype & Manufacturing Services, Inc.
940 North Shore Drive
Lake Bluff, IL 60044
Phone: 847.615.8900
Fax: 847.615.8920
GPI on Twitter
Tim Ruffner LinkedIn

Classon Industrial Services said...

"Small Town Welding Shop now employ's Robotics"
This new industrial equipment fabrication and welding shop is equipped with computer controlled robotic machinery. These (state of the art) machines are necessary in order to be competitive with foreign suppliers. The new machines include a high pressure Water Jet cutting machine and a Press Break that have greatly improved production efficiency and CIS's ability to produce new products. Custom shop for decorative Metal Signs, Logo's, Tile and Flooring, cut Glass, Artistic Security Gates, Window Shutters, plus lawn Art and Furnishings.* THIS IS HOW WE DO IT ! *


Classon Industrial Services, LLC

354 Burson Road

Camilla, Georgia 31730

Office: 229-336-0900

Fax: 229-336-0903

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ said...

CNC Machining Services are NOT all alike. You need a shop you can trust to get the job done within your budget and on schedule! Visit to find that shop today.

Machining Company

CNC Precision Machining

Machine Shop Services

CNC Machining Services

Metal Fabrication Services

Midwest Industrial Supply Inc. said...

Midwest Industrial Supply Inc., is a full service world class Industrial supplier specializing in cutting tools, abrasives, & C.A.D.D. design services. Our nitche products are top quality carbide endmills at distributor pricing. We offer general purpose and high performance cutters with inhouse coating capabilities.ALL COATINGS are readily availble. We also specialize in high quality drills in HSS, Cobalt, and Carbide. We stock all sizes and styles and can do custom made drills as well.Visit us at
1-877-661-1898 -sales
1-877-215-9783 -technical support

Great River Machine Works said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Great River Machine Works said...

Machine Shop in Minnesota | MN Machine Shop

Great River Machine Works is a small, customer-oriented machine shop and welding fabricator. We specialize in CNC milling, small turned parts, MIG welding, TIG welding, and rapid prototyping. We offer prototypes and short run machining (up to approximately 1,000 part runs), with quick turn around. Give us a call for all of your machine shop needs!

Great River Machine Works
7600 W 27th St, Suite 200
Saint Louis Park, MN 55426

Phone 952 303 6486

Visit our website at

View our blog at Blog

Find us on Facebook

Follow us on Twitter

cnc, machine shop, minnesota, prototype, welding, fabrication, assembly

Doug Swanson said...

J.A. Gasbarre Machine Inc.
2257 Silver Creek Road
Johnsonburg, PA 15845
Phone and Fax
814 - 965 - 4288

Production drilling and tapping
mostly for Powdered metal industry

Quill Feeds

Dolphin CAD/CAM USA said...

CNC Software

Dolphin CAD/CAM provides powerful, affordable, CNC software to users and shops of ALL sizes.
Visit the website today for a free demo.

Great for CNC Mills, Lathes, Routers, Waterjets, Plasma cutters, Wire EDM, etc.


Dolphin CAD/CAM USA Facebook

VDolphin CAD/CAM USA Twitter

Dolphin CAD/CAM USA Youtube

Custom Machining said...

Industrial Jig &
is a machine shop specializing in the economic production of low volume or one-off custom machining of difficult-to-source operations like gear making, internal splines and more.

ASTECH Tools said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Multispindle said...

Metra Multispindle lathes:

CNC Multispindle lathes configured according to each user's needs (cams + servomotors).

Chucking multispindle automats with single/double indexing with different automotion levels.

Some of our Multispindle videos are available on Youtube

Unknown said...

MDM Machine & Technology, Inc.

St. Louis based CNC Machine shop, Laser cutting, and plasma cutting.

1607 Manufacturers Drive
Fenton, MO 63026

midwest industrial supply inc said...

Thousands of, name.brand carbide inserts available in.every shape, style and.grade!!!..Never pay.full.price again.for carbide inserts...Call 1-844-TOOL-USA. or enail us @
We are Midwest Industrial Supply Imc., the cutting tool specialists and your one cutting tools,.abrasives, and all other industrial supplies including safety, janitorial, and.maintenance.

Unknown said...

There's a manufacturer of sand blast cabinets and a revolutionary new wet blast cabinet, the Vapor King right up the road from me. Here's their info:

Raptor Blasting Systems LLC
4231 Pacific St. #10, Rocklin, CA 95677
Phone: 916-409-2458

Unknown said...

Injection Molding Group co., Ltd. is a excellent Chinese plastic injection mold making factory who specialize in injection mold for all walks of life. we also offer a wide range of expertise in the design, engineering and building of all types of molds, using a variety of mold building steels, full equipped mold and machine company.
contact us :
Injection Molding Group co., Ltd.
professional injection mold manufacturer
Chinese mold industry

ChuangYou(CY) Manufacturing Limited said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ChuangYou(CY) Manufacturing Limited said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ChuangYou(CY) Manufacturing Limited said...

Cymanufacturing is a custom manufacturer of precision CNC machined metal and plastic parts.

Capabilities include CNC turning, milling, rapid prototyping, plastic injection molds, and injection molding parts.

Materials used include aluminum,plastics, stainless steel,non-ferrous metals,polymers and more other materials.

Also, we would like to share this website to you about the factors on choosing a CNC Machining Manufacturer.

Feel free to contact us to quote your projects.

MFG Empire said...

Are you a machine shop or manufacturer? We design websites specifically for the manufacturing industry. Let's talk further.

Manufacturing Website